Tailored Coaching Method

Helmed by fitness and nutrition personality Cody “Boom Boom” McBroom, Tailored Coaching Method is a Lifestyle Coaching Company, focused on fitting the training and nutrition to the client and not the other way around.  They needed a way to bring on additional clients and have all of their resources readily available for their growing community in a scalable way.

The Client's Story We Revealed

Cody and his team felt that they had a wealth of nutritional and fitness knowledge, but were limited in how many people they could positively impact.  Their goal was to develop an affordable delivery mechanism to get their intellectual property out to the masses, but they were unclear as to the most effective way to proceed.

Rockstar's Spin on The Story

The knowledge amassed by the TCM team would not only be an excellent low barrier offer to bring more people into their community, but could also be leveraged to add value to their existing one-on-one clients by providing easy, organized access to that information.

Tailored Coaching Method
Be More Human.

The Rockstar Action Plan

Rockstar created a two tier membership system that allowed Tailored Coaching Method to grow an online community centered around nutrition plans, recipes, weight lifting regimes, podcasts and tutorials, as well as one-click upsells into seminar opportunities and detailed fitness and nutrition plans.  Their current one-on-one coaching clients received free and easy access to the entire TCM library, with specific guidance from their trainers as to which content would best serve their health and fitness goals.


Tailored Coaching Method more than doubled their client roster, and found such success in the online education space that they are now building a third membership level, aimed at mentoring up-and-coming fitness and nutrition professionals.


Digital Web Asset Development
  • Sales Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Funnels
  • Online Training Portal
Digital Automation
  • System Mapping
  • Marketing Automation
  • SMS Automation
  • Digital Conveyor Belt
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
Technical Administration
  • Web Server Security
  • Web Proxy Management

"Rockstar has helped us do things that we did not know were possible, and has taken everything we were already doing and made it extremely simple and stress free. All our systems are smoother, faster and more productive, and all of our user experiences across our website, social media and platforms are a lot better for our customers reaching out for help."

Cody “Boom Boom” McBroom
Founder, Tailored Coaching Method



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