Our Capabilities

Our established B2C capabilities combined with our growing B2B capabilties reflect our passion to ideatae assets, systems and processes that drive the relevant results your organization craves that will relflect in your bottom line. Here’s how:


Digital Web Asset Development

Authority-Based Web Development
Web Development specifically designed to highlight you or your company as an authority in your space.
Landing Pages
Landing pages allow a client to opt-in to receive free information or to learn more about you.
Sales Funnels
Sales funnels allow customers to purchase products or services directly through your webpage. The funnels include the thank you page, as well as the follow-up information your customer will need in order to access their purchase.
Content Funnels
Content funnels allow you to curate the information that a new contact or client receives about you. These are often follow-ups from opt-ins or sales funnels, and are designed to automate a relationship between you and your client.
Ecommerce Storefronts
Ecommerce storefronts are a way to visually organize your products and services so customers can see all of your offers, and purchase directly through your site.
Minimized WordPress Theme Development
Minimized theme development means that our team will tailor a website specifically to your needs, without adding in unnecessary features. This allows your site to load quickly, and protects you from potential backdoors in superfluous software.

Digital Automation

System Mapping
System mapping is the process of going through your current systems, learning what can be automated, seeing where potential breakdowns could occur, then mapping out a process to streamline the existing system.
Marketing Automation
Marketing automation allows you to send out appropriate messaging to your clients and prospects in a timely, consistent manner.
Manual Process Automation
We know that not every action can be automated, but with Manual Process Automation, we can set up reminders for the manual tasks you and your team perform. This way, nothing slips through the cracks.
SMS Automation
SMS automation sends text messages to your clients and prospects, so they get timely, specific information.
Digital Conveyor Belts
A digital conveyor belt offers prospects and clients additional products based on previous purchases, at a reasonable time interval.
Personalized Video Marketing
We know people are more likely to watch a video than to read, and we know that videos help build confidence in a person or product. Personalized Video Marketing takes some of your most popular messaging and turns it into a video, and includes CTA steps and metrics tracking.

Creative & Brand Development

Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Consistency in the usage of your brand is an overlooked factor found in many organizations, and Rockstar can assist in assuring that you have docmentation that to ensure consistent brand placement wherever your marks are displayed.
Print Collateral
Our team will put together graphics for ads, business cards, banners, and any type of print material you may need.
Web Graphic Design
We know that designing for print and for the web are two very different animals. Our team will design a custom site that looks great on any device.
We will work with you to make sure that your web copy, emails, and ads reflect your company's voice and mission.
Social Media
Our team can set up your social media presences, including page template setup, scheduling posts, creating ads, and setting up remarketing campaigns.

Multimedia Design

Video Conceptualization and Development
Whether for marketing or demo purposes, we can storyboard your video and execute your video beautifully
HTML5 Web Animation
Native web animation that is cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly
Our team can help you set up your podcast site, and push your feed to the major podcasting streaming sites.
Our team can assist you in setting up a videocast - the equivalent of a syndicated TV show
Livestreaming & Simulated Livestreaming
Going live is powerful, and so is simulating the idea of going live, but actually running your media on different mediums in a loop that siulates the experience and effect of being live

Technical Administration

Web Server Setup
Our team will set up your online properties with hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates, backup systems, and anything else your company needs.
Web Server Security
Our team will do a thorough analysis of your web properties, and make recommendations on the types of web security that best suit your needs.
API Connectivity
Connecting third party services to one another is crucial, and we can assist in making those connections happen as needed
DNS Management & Routing
It's one thing to buy a domain name, and soemthign entirely different to manage that domain name and route different services to different places. Rockstar can handle all of it for you.
Web Proxy Management
A web proxy is your first line of defense against the nastiness that is commonly found on the Web, and we can make it work in your favor.
Email Management
There are a ton of email solutions out there. Our team will help you choose the one that's right for you, set up the accounts, and configure the mail servers.
Emergency Support
When things go bump on your site, hosting, or CRM, our team will be there to troubleshoot and help solve the problem.

Real World Experience & Expertise

If you know what you want to do, but don't know how to get there, our team can create an implementation plan and help bring your vision to life.
Proactive Coaching
You want an experienced team of developers that have been theer and done that, and we'll actively watch out to make sure that you are taking the right steps.
Ongoing Management and Support
Our team is well-versed in a variety of online resources and properties, and we love providing ongoing support and management for ALL of your web properties.



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