Once Upon A Coconut

Made exclusively from young coconuts which produce a sweeter flavor, Once Upon A Coconut boasts pure coconut water, a sparkling coconut water fused with natural caffeine, and a variety that pairs it with 100% agave blanco tequila.  An emerging brand with nothing more than a brand new product, a design and a passion, and a message, Once Upon A Coconut was starting from scratch.

The Client's Story We Revealed

Once Upon A Coconut wanted to tell a story that we can all be a part of, while hydrating the world with next level, premium coconut water, with a legendary taste.  To that end, they had beautiful ideas and designed imagery for what their web presence would look like, but needed help in making that vision a reality.

Rockstar's Spin on The Story

Secure in the knowledge that Once Upon A Coconut had a clear vision with where they wanted to go, Rockstar set forth to find ways to pair Once Upon A Coconut’s extreme fun and creativity with flexible, functional solutions that served to streamline their direct-to-consumer approach, as well as introduce additional components like dynamic social proof and wholesaler functionality.

Once Upon A Coconut flavors
Pure coconut water delivery

The Rockstar Action Plan

Rockstar directed the team at Once Upon A Coconut to provide high-end design files, and then created the site from scratch using a combination of WordPress, WooCommerce, Ontraport and several other proprietary tools.  This resulted in a successful effort to bring the Once Upon A Coconut vision to life while seamlessly connecting consumer and wholesale sales to their enterprise ERP system.


Once Upon A Coconut experienced a successful launch in the Q2 of 2020, and is rapidly picking up steam as an emerging coconut water brand in the beverage space.


Digital Web Asset Development
  • eCommerce Storefront
  • Landing Pages
  • Dynamic Review Management
  • Minimized WordPress Theme Development
Digital Automation
  • Fulfillment Automation
  • Marketing Automation
Technical Administration
  • Web Server Setup
  • Web Server Security
  • API Connectivity
  • DNS Management
  • Email Management
  • Emergency Support

"Rockstar Systems has been nothing short of an essential component of our operations. Further, their conversion expertise has been crucial during the initial launch of the brand, and we are thrilled to have them as a part of our team moving forward."

Marc Sampogna
Chief Marketing Officer, Once Upon A Coconut



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