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Systems Analysis and Mapping Systems


ROCKSTAR Systems Analysis is for people who are looking to systemize processes currently working (or in the works) in their companies. These systems require a custom solution, and the Systems Analysis will chart out a clear way forward. This includes a discovery call to get the scope of the project, the initial map build, a second clarifying call to make any adjustments, the final map, and the delivery call, where we talk through all of the pieces in the map, as well as all of the tech that we recommend to make the map work. We also quote what WE would charge to build the map. This product DOES NOT include the project itself, only the blueprint for the project.

Discovery Call

Your business is unique, and that means that any new project will require a unique solution. Our team leader will talk through your current systems and assets, and figure out how best to streamline this new system.

Systems Analysis and Mapping Systems Solutions Include:

  • In-Depth Consultation
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Mapping
  • Pinpoint Recommendations

Systems Mapping

Our trained martech experts will take the brainstorming session and turn it into a clear roadmap that will best utilize your company's new and existing processes.

Modifications and Revisions

Even masterpieces have several drafts! Our team will continue to tweak and adjust your system maps until you're confident that the solution presented will make the largest possible impact in your company.

Professional Recommendation

There's so much information that it can lead to analysis paralysis. Our team will make recommendations on the appropriate tech for the project, as well as a quote on the full system build.

Digital Automation

Digital Automation

Campaign Development
Marketing Automation
Manual Process Automation
Fulfillment Automation
Client Segmentation
Conditional Goal Tracking
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Web Design

Web Design

Web Graphic Design
E-Commerce Storefronts
Landing Pages
Mobile Responsive Development
Content Funnels
Web Analytics
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CRM Setup & Transfer

CRM Setup & Transfer

Iniital Configuration
Data Transfer
Web Property Connectivity
Campaign Porting
System Training
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