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Hosting Stack Security Analysis & Setup

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A hosting stack security analysis and set up includes examining the current hosting, security, backup, and email systems a company is running. We present our findings and make recommendations on any changes they should make. Should they choose to follow through with our suggestions, we can re-configure their stack as needed.

Asset Consolidation

There are so many different types of hosting solutions that sometimes you can be using multiple companies for the same thing. Our team is able to help you remove duplicate services and streamline your stack.

Security Analysis

Are you as protected as you should be? Our team of martech experts will do a deep dive into the resources you're currently using, and see if there are any gaps in your existing security.

Hosting Stack Security Analysis & Setup Solutions Include:

  • Hosting Analysis
  • Server Migration
  • Email Configuration
  • DNS & Routing
  • Asset Consolidation

Professional Recommendation

There's so much information that it can lead to analysis paralysis. Our team will make recommendations on the appropriate tech for the project, as well as a quote on the full system build.

Full Scale Launch

Our team is well versed in the art of controlling your go-live process from start to finish, with virtually no site and email downtime.

Web Design

Web Design

Web Graphic Design
E-Commerce Storefronts
Landing Pages
Mobile Responsive Development
Content Funnels
Web Analytics
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CRM Setup & Transfer

CRM Setup & Transfer

Iniital Configuration
Data Transfer
Web Property Connectivity
Campaign Porting
System Training
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Systems Analysis and Mapping Systems

Systems Analysis and Mapping Systems

In-Depth Consultation
Business Analysis
Systems Mapping
Pinpoint Recommendations
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