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Quality One is the only distributor in the world that holds MSAs with all four Tier 1 wireless carriers in North America, with interests in developing and launching new wireless devices in the telephonic and IoT spaces.  Their turn-of-the-century web presence needed to be completely rethought and rebuilt to accurately describe and monetize of their actual services.

The Client's Story We Revealed

FAI had a preexisting course management system that was buggy and problematic, and while it was not serving all of their needs and creating a poor experience for their students, they were extremely hesitant to layer on additional poor customer experience issues by switching to a new platform.

Rockstar's Spin on The Story

Rockstar felt that Quality One’s story was a larger narrative that revolved around the story of the individual devices that they work with, and that the way to accurately portray and monetize the organization was to tell each of those specific stories in turn, with appropriate calls to action at the end of each.

Cricket Tava Packaging

The Rockstar Action Plan

After executing a deep dive into the organization by interviewing each department head and getting a complete understanding of how the business operated from each of their points of view, we designed a modern website around the individual courses of action that a given prospect may need to take.  We then wrapped all of those action plans around an attractive, searchable and functional database of launched devices.


Once an afterthought, Quality One’s website serves as a crucial resource to disseminate important specs and docs to clients and vendors, and leads that are automatically routed to the correct staff members.


Digital Web Asset Development
  • Authority-Based Web Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Dynamic Review Management
  • Minimized WordPress Theme Development
Digital Automation
  • System Mapping
  • Marketing Automation
  • Personalized Video Marketing
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print Collateral
  • Web Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
Multimedia Design
  • Video Conceptualization & Development
  • HTML5 Web Animation
  • Simulated Livestreaming
Technical Administration
  • Web Server Setup
  • Web Server Security
  • API Connectivity
  • DNS Management
  • Email Management
  • Emergency Support

"Rockstar Systems literally brought our web presence out of the dark ages, and turned it into an essential, powerful tool for our organization."

John Chiorando
President, Quality One



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