An IoT company with a robust fleet tracking system, Q-Matics provides both GPS tracking hardware and software to collect countless amount of information about their customers’ fleets, all in real time.  They needed a scalable solution to provide estimates, take orders, and connect to their master internal ERP system.

The Client's Story We Revealed

Having a legitimate system for creating orders and estimates is extremely difficult, given the number of potential combination of components that can go into a given solution.  To make matters more complex, finding a way to interface they type of custom estimate with a sophisticated ERP system is an equally complex task in and of itself.

Rockstar's Spin on The Story

Rockstar knew that Q-Matics actual solutions were second-to-none, but that wouldn’t matter if we were unable to get those estimates and orders to scale in a way that would work for them as operators.  What was required was a “buffer” interface - a way to create and store estimate from preapproved BOMs, and then turn those estimates into orders inside of the fulfillment ERP system as well as in the airtime fulfillment system so they would suitably work as connected devices.

Q-Matics App

The Rockstar Action Plan

With such a complicated, nonlinear task that needed to be accomplished, Rockstar started by executing a detailed discovery process and thorough systems analysis to understand exactly how the existing process successfully worked on a manual basis.  Armed with that knowledge, Rockstar worked backwards to sculpt a customized piece of buffer software that operated similar to an e-commerce platform, but delegated specific responsibilities such as billing and inventory management to other necessary software that it was closely integrated with.


Today, Q-Matics is scalable and systemically fluid, with a cohesive system that ties its CRM, billing, and fulfillment systems together while adding quoting and estimate abilities.


Digital Automation
  • System Mapping
  • System Conceptualization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Manual Process Automation
  • API Connectivity
Digital Web Asset Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Conceptualization & Development

"The systems and processes that Rockstar Systems conceived and developed for us are 100% instrumental in how we go about our business, from a collecting estimates to placing orders. They literally identified and built the missing piece that we needed, and moved away from manual processes that involved dozens of spreadsheets and into the 21st century with a fully automated system."

Jeff Williams
Founder, Q-Matics



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