B.C. Rich Guitars

B.C. Rich is a legendary electric guitar brand known for their atypical body shapes, and championed by rock icons of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s like Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Slash of Guns n’ Roses, and more recently Chris Kael and Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.   After years of relative dormancy, B.C. Rich relaunched in 2019 bigger and badder than ever.

The Client's Story We Revealed

With a keen sense of style, B.C. Rich relaunched with a sleek new website that was heavily customized to focus on the aesthetics of the instruments, but lacked the functionality to properly sell products directly to the consumer or to dealers.  Further, the site was so customized that it was problematic to build additional functionality into.


Rockstar's Spin on The Story

Since the high-end visual design and UX was already working well for B.C. Rich, the good news was that half of the equation was already solved and the brand was being well-represented.  The most important competent that Rockstar needed to reimagine was the functional performance of the site itself, ensuring that direct-to-consumer commerce and dealer functionality was embedded into the platform.


The Rockstar Action Plan

Following a thorough systems analysis, Rockstar rebuilt the entire system from scratch with emphasis on functionality, scalability, and long term flexibility.  We also added dealer approval and bulk purchase functionality, and assisted in scaling operations to Japan and Australia.


B.C. Rich is well on the way to a global direct-to-consumer footprint in a way not previously seen in the guitar industry.


Digital Web Asset Development
  • eCommerce Storefront
  • Dealer Portal
  • Minimized WordPress Theme Development
Digital Automation
  • Fulfillment Automation
  • Manual Process Automation
Technical Administration
  • Web Server Setup
  • Web Server Security
  • API Connectivity
  • DNS Management
  • Email Management
  • Emergency Support

"Rockstar Systems took our beautiful web presence and made it functional for us in a way that we sorely needed. Further, their experience and expertise in has been pivotal in assisting us open up new global markets that we had not previously had access to."

Bill Xavier
CEO, B.C. Rich Guitars



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